¿La Transformación?… sin Complacencia

La complacencia de una organización, satisfecha con seguir haciendo las mismas cosas, la dejará atrás, y sin que apenas se de cuenta la llevará al fracaso. La tortuga, tras ganar la carrera, dijo que la siesta proporcionó placer a la liebre, pero a ella la oportunidad de vencer caminando despacio y sin pausa. ¿Y dónde … Continúa leyendo ¿La Transformación?… sin Complacencia

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Corporation and its growing: options.

We had just completed the first of three workshops, it was regarding to grow better in the short term without losing sight of goals in the long run. Each of the workshops had two phases; first, learning something new; second, apply what has been learned to the reality of the company Once the first phase … Continúa leyendo Corporation and its growing: options.

Health care system Transformation. Facing the challenge of strategic adjustment

Empowering transformation in health care. Preparing for a new role model of the health care system and the use of disruptive technologies. The need for effective communication of the strategic objectives and development of the new ability of Transformation. April 2015 Background: After a thorough study, a public health authority was facing a dual challenge … Continúa leyendo Health care system Transformation. Facing the challenge of strategic adjustment

6 Strategic questions… and 6 answers.

Rudyard Kipling wrote in his poem Elephant's Child, «six faithful servants taught me everything I know: where, how, when, what, who and why». Each organization is unique and has its own strategic planning process, but I think these questions are essential. See each. What: Every business has a short number of key abilities or distinctive … Continúa leyendo 6 Strategic questions… and 6 answers.